SHENG Sensen,LIU Jiaxiang,LI Zhuo.Adsorption and Removal of Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B from Dye Wastewater by Metal-Organic FrameworkUiO-66-(COOH)2[J].Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University,2020,54(09):180-188.[doi:10.7652/xjtuxb202009021]





Adsorption and Removal of Methylene Blue and Rhodamine B from Dye Wastewater by Metal-Organic FrameworkUiO-66-(COOH)2
生森森 刘佳祥 李卓
同济大学环境科学与工程学院, 200092, 上海
SHENG Sensen LIU Jiaxiang LI Zhuo
School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China
金属有机框架材料 UiO-66-(COOH)2 亚甲基蓝 罗丹明B 吸附
metal-organic framework material UiO-66-(COOH)2 methylene blue rhodamine B adsorption
X522; X791
为提高对废水中阳离子染料亚甲基蓝(MB)和罗丹明B(RhB)的吸附性能,引入羧基基团,制备了表面带负电的金属有机框架材料UiO-66-(COOH)2。对所得样品进行了X射线衍射图谱分析、扫描电镜形貌分析、N2吸附脱附等温线分析、热重分析、傅里叶红外光谱分析。深入研究了UiO-66-(COOH)2对废水中MB和RhB两种染料的吸附性能和吸附机理。结果表明:由于静电作用的影响,引入羧基基团后的UiO-66-(COOH)2对MB和RhB的吸附性能均优于UiO-66的,分别超出32.4%和51.8%,且远高于活性炭吸附剂及其他羧基修饰材料的吸附量; UiO-66-(COOH)2在pH为3~10的范围内均具有较好的吸附性能,具有较强的pH适应性; 吸附等温线拟合分析表明,UiO-66-(COOH)2对MB和RhB的吸附过程与Langmuir等温吸附模型吻合; 吸附动力学拟合分析表明,UiO-66-(COOH)2对MB和RhB的吸附过程与准二级动力学方程吻合; 经3次吸脱附循环后,UiO-66-(COOH)2对MB和RhB的吸附量分别减少了15.6%和22.5%,表明UiO-66-(COOH)2具有可再生循环使用潜力。
To improve the adsorption capacity of cationic dyes methylene blue(MB)and rhodamine B(RhB)in wastewater, the negatively charged metal-organic framework(MOFs)materialUiO-66-(COOH)2 was prepared by introducing carboxyl groups. The MOFs samples were carefully characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, N2 absorption-desorption isotherm, thermogravimetric analyzer and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. The adsorption properties and mechanisms ofUiO-66-(COOH)2 to MB and RhB in wastewater were deeply investigated. The results show that the effect of static electricity lead the adsorption properties ofUiO-66-(COOH)2 improved by 32.4% and 51.8% respectively compared with UiO-66, and the adsorption properties are much higher than that of activated carbon and other carboxyl modified materials. In the pH range of 3 - 10,UiO-66-(COOH)2 exhibits better adsorption properties and stronger pH adaptability. Analyzing the fitted adsorption isotherms, the adsorption processes ofUiO-66-(COOH)2 to MB and RhB are found to coincide with Langmuir isotherms as well as pseudo-second-order kinetic model. After three adsorption and desorption cycles, the adsorption ofUiO-66-(COOH)2 to MB and RhB decreases by 15.6% and 22.5% respectively to indicate its potential for recycling and regeneration.


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